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Wed. November 26, 2014 EDITOR'S PICKS :  
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Lead Story in Context
Issue: Israel's Jewish Identity. What Does it Mean?
MidEast Week
PA: Made "Generous" Offer; Israel: "Bring it to the Table"
Terrorists Attack a Jerusalem Synagogue
200-Year-Old Palestinian Bakery in Jerusalem
Clergy Say Religion Supports Ecology
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Israel Under Pressure on Its Chemical Weapons
Israel Concerned About Syria Spillover
Children in Gaza Exhibit Trauma Symptoms
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News in Context
Israeli Officials: Revoke Residency of Palestinian Attackers
Some Warn Move Could Backfire [Jerusalem] -- Israel’s Interior Minister...
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Asylum Seekers in Israel Atttend Free Online University
Palestinian Workers Fear For Their Jobs in Israel
Palestinians in West Bank Show Support for Attacks against Jews
Filmmakers on a Mission to Tell Palestinians' Stories
Palestinians Turn to Vocational Education to Spur Job Market
Growing Tensions Between Palestinian Factions in Gaza
Jihadi Domesticity
New Bill in Israel to Ease Conversion to Judaism
"The Wave" Sparks Questions Among Arabs and Jews in Israel
Featured Stories
European Group Brings Play About Nazism to Jewish State Baqa Al-Gharbiye, Israel -- By the end of their two-week tour, thousands of Jewish and Arab Israeli high....
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Stephen Farrell is a Middle East correspondent for The New York Times, previously the Jerusalem bureau

Facts in Context: Turmoil Watch

Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal

Iran Brags: “We Sent Hizbullah Missiles that can Reach Dimona”
US will Buy Arms for Iraqi Sunnis to Use against ISIS; New US Aid for Syrian Refugees
Editor's Pick:

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Baghdad Fights Troubling Tobacco Trend Among Youth

Arab Media Opens New Doors for Israelis

Azerbaijan: a Conservative Booming post-Soviet State

One Family's Loss in Gaza

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Question of the week:
If you are swimming in the Bay of Benghazi where are you?
Gospel Trail Puts Tourists on Path of Jesus
In Search of the West Bank’s Elusive Sufi Trail
Israel’s President is Opposed to “Nationality Law”
New Legislation Submitted to Israeli Parliament Aims to Curb Terrorists, Violent Demonstrators
European Union Delays Vote on Resolution Recognizing State of Palestine
Media in the UAE
Amid Growing Violence, Some in Arab World Call for Tolerance
Exchanging Charges of Incitement, Israelis and Palestinians Stand Firm
More Israelis Applying for Gun Permits
Vigilance Needed vs. "Lone-wolf"¯ State-Sponsored Terrorism
Palestinian Children and Israeli police in Jerusalem's Old City amid growing tensions (click to enlarge) Photo: Dudi Saad/The Media Line
Different Perspectives on Egypt

Stopping the Lone Wolf Terrorist

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