The Media Line is the American non-profit [501 (c)(3)] news agency that is distinguished by its dedication to bringing the news from the Middle East in context and with integrity.

The Media Line:

  • Is independent
  • Is strategic
  • Reaches all political bases: in particular, the “middle” or “uncommitted”
  • Educates the next generation of journalists

The Media Line relies on grants, donations and the generosity of its users for its support. In return, TML promises to represent all points of view and the widest spectrum of thought.

Committed to its educational mandate, The Media Line provides programming for students at various educational levels; professionals representing disciplines such as diplomacy, academia and international relations; and working media focusing on the region.

The Media Line supports its acclaimed initiatives, The Mideast Press Club; Women in Mideast Media; and the Journalism Internship Program.

The Media Line is critical now because:

  • The Middle East is losing public and world empathy
  • The streets are misread: fiction replaces fact; agenda replaces accuracy
  • Policy-makers are misdirected by incomplete and erroneous insight
  • Agenda-driven news coverage is reaching crisis proportions

YOUR DONATIONS sustain The Media Line’s ability to distribute globally the honest, accurate and timely coverage from Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and the greater Mideast that is so desperately needed.

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