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Thu. March 5, 2015 EDITOR'S PICKS :  
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Lead Story in Context
Issue: Israel's Jewish Identity. What Does it Mean?
MidEast Week
PA: Made "Generous" Offer; Israel: "Bring it to the Table"
Israel's Arab Parties United For Election
More Arabs Join Israel's National Service
Jews Killed in Paris Attack Buried in Israel
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Netanyahu's Planned Speech to Congress Sparks Controversy
Egypt Intensifies Crackdown on Islamists
More Shekels for Your Dollar
Hizbullah Threatens Revenge After Israeli Attack
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Dave Ross, CBS RADIO, KIRO Seattle: “I’ve anchored remotes from Moscow, Rome, Amman and Berlin, and nowhere were the facilities as professional as at The Media Line. We also received guidance in arranging interviews while in Jerusalem and access to news sources on all sides of the issues we were covering…We don’t accept the invitations of advocacy groups who offer to sponsor remote broadcasts to Israel for obvious reasons of objectivity and compromising our position and so we appreciated the professional and neutral support TML provided to us. Credibility is very important to us especially in reporting a story as charged as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I am confident the next time news events take us to the Middle East, TML is going to be our obvious choice.”

Grahame Lucas, Deputy News Director, DEUTSCHE WELLE Radio: “The Media Line has provided us with reliable, well-informed coverage of breaking news in Israel and the Palestinian areas. Whether in interviews, analysis, voicers or packages, its reporters always present a balanced view of events - by no means an easy task in this volatile region…we're only too happy to recommend its services to others.”

Phil Fleischman, Bureau Chief, Salem Radio Network News: “The Media Line consistently provides SRN News with outstanding analysis and reporting of the news…We can always count on the The Media Line staff to put events into context and to convey all the facets of significance of a particular story.”

Marwan Abu Zalaf, Editor-in-Chief, Al-Quds newspaper: “The Media Line is the first American news agency to supply news and feature stories to Al-Quds on a regular basis. The articles have been both informative and well-received by our readership. We view this effort as being very important...reinforcing the importance of freedom of press at a critical time in the growth of the Palestinian nation.”

Dennis Prager, Syndicated Radio Host and Author: “Every so often I have come across people who create institutions that make a real difference. That is how I regard The Media Line. They created a thoroughly modern media center in order to communicate in the most sophisticated ways possible.”

Bernard Pendergrass, Executive Producer, KABC Los Angeles Morning Show: “We could have not covered the conflict in the Middle East as accurately as we did without the bank of information, expertise and contributors that The Media Line enabled us to have. The correspondents gave us a depth that was difficult for our competitors to match. We know without a doubt that when something happens in Israel or other parts of the Middle East, The Media Line is the place to go for the inside story.”

Eric Slocum, Afternoon Anchor, KOMO Seattle (ABC): “Our goal at KOMO 1000 News is local, local, local! After all, we are a primary news source for Seattle. But in this day and age, so often, local has a direct tie to the Middle East. The Media Line can provide this essential content.”

Janet Parshall, Syndicated Radio and Television Host:“As a nationally-syndicated broadcaster, I simply could not do my job without The Media Line. I depend on them for prompt, accurate coverage of the news affecting the Middle East and Israel….I can count on them for the most truthful reporting of what is really happening…”

Radwan Abu Ayyash, Chairman, Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation: “I do believe that you are doing an impossible job.”

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