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7,000 Acres Of Israeli Land Damaged By Palestinian Incendiary Objects

By Charles Bybelezer | The Media Line

October 11, 2018


According to the most comprehensive assessment to date, more than 7,000 acres of land in southern Israel have been destroyed by incendiary objects flown across the border from the Gaza Strip. On Wednesday, a balloon with an explosive device attached to it was found in central Jerusalem for the first time since the phenomenon began six months ago in parallel with the weekly “March of Return” protests, which have invariably descended into clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli military. The findings by the Jewish National Fund show that more than 3,000 acres of forestry and 4,000 acres of farmland have been burnt by rudimentary objects ranging from flammable kites to inflated condoms. The agency also announced that it is allocating $25 million for special projects to help affected Israeli communities. It comes as diplomats continue to negotiate a potential cease-fire deal between Israel and the Hamas terrorist group, which rules the blockaded enclave. In a move to buy more time and avert the outbreak of war, Qatar agreed to fund half a year’s worth of fuel for Gaza, which will increase the amount of daily electricity per household from about four to eight hours.

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