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Confirmation Hearing for Ambassador to Israel on Tap Thursday

By Michael Friedson | The Media Line

February 16, 2017


The confirmation hearing for President Trump’s nominee to become the US Ambassador to the state of Israel commences on Thursday. Arguably the most contentious battle for approval below the level of cabinet appointments, David Friedman faces a well-funded and highly-organized campaign to prevent his approval mounted by opponents on the political left and fueled by statements Friedman made that crossed traditional lines by invoking a Holocaust image when he said supporters of the Israel liberal lobby in America “kapos” – a term used to describe Jews who aided Nazis in order to survive. The Media Line learned and reported on a meeting Friedman held with members of the New York Board of Rabbis from all Jewish denominations in order to apologize for the remark and to explain himself – an effort that apparently succeeded in breaking the ice with his opposition, although to what degree it indicates acceptance remains to be seen. The rabbis we spoke to were in agreement that Friedman acquitted himself well and that the nominee approved by the Senate would be supported in his role as ambassador of “all segments” of society.

See http://www.themedialine.org/news/ambassador-nominee-apologizes-rabbis-call-fair-hearin/

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