Mideast Daily News

Fatah, Hamas Reconciliation Talks Under Gag in Cairo

By Michael Friedson | The Media Line

October 11, 2017


The first day of Egyptian-sponsored reconciliation talks between the Fatah and Hamas factions came and went on Tuesday with the gag order imposed by their hosts apparently holding fast. Heading the docket is the most sensitive issue: the Hamas demand to retain its armed force, massive arsenal, and commitment to the destruction of the Jewish state. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has declared the Hamas demand to be a non-starter while for its part, Hamas has declared its insistence to remain armed to be “non-negotiable.” Also on the agenda is the matter of repatriating Israelis – and the bodies of Israelis killed in action against Hamas. Recognizing that any internecine agreement needs some form of tacit acceptance by the Israelis who have a close working relationship with the Palestinian security echelon, a delegation from Jerusalem arrived in Cairo for talks with the Egyptian mediators.

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