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Gallup: Trump Approval among Jews Lower than Others; Peace Deal would be Game Changer

By Michael Friedson | The Media Line

March 20, 2017


In a new release on Friday, The Gallup organization took note of the lower approval ratings President Trump is showing among the Jewish community compared to the rest of the nation, but wrote off the discrepancy as representing the consistent differential displayed by the largely Democratic Jewish voters. It apparently expects the margin to remain constant during the Trump term in office. Similarly, Gallup noted that during the Obama years, his support among Jews was consistently “13-points above the overall adult average of 52%.” Gallup doesn’t see the allegations that President Trump supports anti-Semitism as sticking and sees daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jareds’ Jewishness as an olive branch to the Jewish community. The report concluded with the rather obvious speculation regarding the President’s goal of making “the deal of all deals” – peace between Israel and the Arab world — predicting that “If Trump accomplishes what his predecessors could not by negotiating a peace deal, this could certainly affect his approval rating not only among American Jews but among all national adults.”

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