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Hamas Won’t Hand Over Weapons but Blames PA for Ruining Reconciliation

By Michael Friedson | The Media Line

December 7, 2017


Many observers were amazed that the latest reconciliation effort between the Fatah and Hamas factions got as far as it did. Hamas went through the motion of handing over control of the Gaza Strip to Fatah and the Palestinian Authority – from which it violently wrestled control in 2007 – as it seemed to cooperate with the terms agreed to under Egyptian brokering. But the road seemingly ended when Hamas, a terror-proxy of Iran, refused to surrender its considerable arsenal or its dedication to the destruction of the Jewish state. Nevertheless, the Gaza-based Islamists are now accusing the Palestinian Authority of failing to fulfill the reconciliation agreement in ways unrelated to the arms issue. They accuse PA President Abbas of not lifting sanctions he had previously imposed on Gazans as a strategy toward turning them against the Hamas rulers of Gaza. Few hours of electricity and cutting-off payments to Gaza loyalists who held civil service jobs that were given to them in lieu of Fatah supporters who held the same jobs before the takeover are examples of the issues Hamas says is killing reconciliation while not mentioning its own violation of the requirement that the only armed force be that of the official government.


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