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Israel’s Opposition Squabbles over Electorate Outreach Tour to Post-1967 Communities

By Michael Friedson | The Media Line

May 18, 2017


Membership of Israel’s leading opposition party, the Zionist Union, is being reminded that the blocs of Israeli “settlement” communities located south of Jerusalem in the Etzion Bloc are not only certain to remain under Israeli sovereignty in any peace deal with the Palestinians, but were created by the party’s own political forefathers, including the legendary Yitzhak Rabin during his first term as prime minister. The issue turned hot when party heads scheduled a tour of those post- 1967 communities as a way of reaching out to their supporters in those areas in order to present an alternative to the incumbent Likud Party and Prime Minister Netanyahu. Despite lively debate on the issue, a significant number of ZU lawmakers remain willing to be seen as cutting-off any party member who lives in areas conquered in the 1967 war. The tour is one of many events scheduled across the country to commemorate the war in which the West Bank and the Gaza Strip were acquired by Israel, and the capital, Jerusalem, was reunified after being divided between Israel and Jordan for 19 years. The Israelis point out that during that time neither east Jerusalem nor the West Bank was annexed by Jordan or any other sovereign entity. Despite its historic role in Israeli politics, polling shows a dearth of support for the Labor Party’s successor.

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