Mideast Daily News

One More Day…

By Michael Friedson | The Media Line

October 11, 2017


We hope the daily readers of our Mideast Daily News know how much we appreciate that they are rising to the occasion – the occasion being helping to maintain the blast as a free service of The Media Line. It’s solely up to you, and every day for the past week it has been gratifying to see the donations come in with comments and notes that are gifts of another kind… In both cases, thank-you.

A nice byproduct of doing these (rare) fundraising weeks is that we see who is on the receiving end of our daily efforts. We’re flattered by the reach Mideast Daily News has; in particular knowing that virtually every nook and cranny of society that’s somehow invested in the Middle East is sharing in our distribution.

And to those of you who take time to comment, a special “thank-you.”

SO this is the final request for the time being: PLEASE help us defray the spiraling costs of providing our daily blast as a free service.

Please send your tax-deductible 501(c)(3) contribution on-line:  http://www.themedialine.org/donate/

and while you’re at it, “like us” on Facebook: facebook/themedialine.org

Thank you again.

Distribution will resume on Sunday.

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