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President Trump Says “Good Chance” For Israeli-Palestinian Peace

By Linda Gradstein | The Media Line

September 19, 2017

President Donald Trump and Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu shake hands after delivering a speech during a visit to the Israel Museum on May 23, 2017 in Jerusalem, Israel. (Photo by Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images)

US President Trump met Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in New York yesterday on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. It was clear from their remarks that the US and Israel have different priorities right now. For Trump, it was all about restarting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. “We are going to discuss peace between Israel and the Palestinians; it will be a fantastic achievement,” Trump said sitting next to Netanyahu, but prior to their meeting. “We are giving it an absolute go – there is a good chance it could happen. Most people would say there is no chance whatsoever, but I think with the ability of Bibi (Netanyahu) and the other side – I really think we have a chance.” Netanyahu looked taken aback at the US President’s words, after he had repeatedly said the meeting would focus on the Iranian nuclear deal. At the same press event, Netanyahu said he wants to discuss “the terrible nuclear deal with Iran and how to roll back Iran’s growing aggression in the region, especially in Syria.” He said that he would be happy to discuss the peace process, but stressed that peace with the Palestinians must be accompanied by peace with the Arab states.

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