Mideast Daily News

Report: Israeli Jets Strike Syrian Military Facility

By Charles Bybelezer | The Media Line

December 5, 2017


Arab media reported that Israeli warplanes struck the Jamarya military installation and research center on the outskirts of Damascus overnight; this, just days after the destruction of an Iranian weapons facility near the Syrian capital was attributed to Israel. The latest site was also allegedly targeted by the Israeli army in January 2013, in order to prevent the transfer of advanced missiles to the Hizbullah terror group. Meanwhile, satellite images released by ImageSat International earlier Monday apparently evidence the damage caused to the Iranian base located al-Qiswah, some 50 kilometers north of the Israeli border. While Jerusalem does not generally comment on its military operations abroad, the government has publicly admitted to conducting over 100 missions in Syria. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has repeatedly warned that he will not countenance a permanent Iranian military presence in Syria and has lobbied Russia, the dominant player in the conflict since intervening in 2015, to create a buffer zone in the Golan Heights in which Iranian-backed forces would be barred from operating.

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