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Report: Obama Derailed Hizbullah Investigation To Ink Iran Nuke Deal

By Charles Bybelezer | The Media Line

December 18, 2017


According to an investigative report by American news outlet Politico, the Obama administration covertly derailed a campaign by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) that targeted the Iranian-backed Hizbullah terrorist group in order to clinch the 2015 nuclear accord. The operation, code-named Project Cassandra, reportedly was launched in 2008 to monitor the Lebanese Shiite organization’s weapons and drug trafficking practices—including funneling cocaine into the United States—which along with money laundering and other criminal activities generated an estimated $1 billion annually for Hizbullah. After investigators amassed sufficient evidence, they purportedly sought approval for prosecution from the Department of Justice and Department of Treasury, both of which were unresponsive, according to Politico. Officials cited in the report accused then-president Barack Obama of implementing a “systematic decision” that “serially ripped apart the entire effort.” Thereafter, once the nuclear deal went into effect in January 2016, Project Cassandra members were allegedly reassigned, causing the U.S. government to “los[e] insight” into Hizbullah’s vast illicit operations. For their part, former Obama officials denied torpedoing the DEA initiative for political purposes.

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