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Revealed: Iran Recruited West Bank Palestinian for Espionage and Terror Attacks

By Michael Friedson | The Media Line

January 3, 2018


Israel’s Shin Bet domestic security agency has released information about a Palestinian man from the West Bank city of Hebron who was recruited by the Islamic Republic for espionage and terror. On Wednesday, the gag was lifted on the story of 29-year old Mohammad Maharma, a computer engineering student who was recruited by a South African-based Iranian intelligence officer. The public release of the details surrounding the arrest of Maharma appear to be part of a larger effort by the Israeli government to demonstrate the real and present danger Iran presents to the people of Israel and to present a tangible illustration of Iranian involvement in and support for terrorism. South Africa emerged as a key market for recruitment of people willing to carry out terrorist attacks against Israel. In addition to his West Bank-based activities, Maharma was involved in the recruitment of Arab-Israeli citizens to provide intel on Israeli targets.

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