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It’s Trump vs. European Union and Iran as Decision on Sanctions Nears

By Michael Friedson | The Media Line

January 11, 2018


US President Donald Trump will on Friday decide whether to take the next step against Iran. When the last deadline came, the president refused to certify Iranian compliance with the nuclear agreement which left the issue of sanctions unsettled. The next step is for the president to decide whether to waive or open the door to new sanctions. In making his decision, he will be facing off against not only Tehran, but against the European Union as well. Opponents of the agreement point to non-stop weapons-development carried out by Iran since the agreement went into effect, including perfecting missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, contradicting statements such as those by British foreign minister Boris Johnson who called the pact a “crucial agreement that makes the world safer.” Critics also point to the recent demonstrations in the streets of Iranian cities protesting the absence of any improvement in the economy since billions of dollars were airlifted to Tehran on pallets by former US president Barak Obama as proof that the regime will squander its financial security to support terror proxies in Syria, Yemen, Gaza and elsewhere rather than allowing Iranians to benefit from the windfall. Some argue the EU proponents of the agreement are hypocritically undermining their own defense of the Tehran government when they defend the nuclear deal but criticize the regime for the “unacceptable loss of human life” and denial of “fundamental rights.”

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