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UK’s Corbyn Promotes Vocal Anti-Semite

By Michael Friedson | The Media Line

July 12, 2018


Britain’s bellicose Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is at it again, this time embracing by extension a solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: move Israel to the United States. The novel suggestion was the brainchild of Labour MP Naz Shah, whose expertise and experience with the conflict was her 2016 suspension from the party as punishment for her blatant anti-Semitism. Now, after suggesting the solution is to relocate Israel (and all it entails) to the United States. The result, according to Shah’s social media pages, is “Problem Solved.” She also caught the attention of the nation with her sincere admonition that “…everything that Hitler did in Germany was legal.” Although still young, Corbyn has apparently decided to reward Shah’s life’s work by promoting her to a position of “shadow equalities minister.” It’s certainly easy to understand Corbyn’s thinking there.

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