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Hizbullah As A Marker Of Arab Disillusionment

By Asaf Zilberfarb | The Media Line

November 7, 2017


Al-Okaz, Saudi Arabia, November 5

Arab youth are growing increasingly disillusioned with their regimes. Political ideas that once galvanized the masses are now subject to mockery and ridicule. This is certainly the case in Lebanon where Hizbullah, previously a popular party led by a charismatic leader, is viewed by growing swaths of the public as a pariah. 2006 marked a pivotal year for Hizbullah, as the Shiite organization went to war against Israel and managed to convince Lebanese citizens that it stood for the defense of Lebanon and the protection of the Palestinian people. Since then, however, the Shiite organization’s true motive has been exposed: it is loyal to Iran. Its popularity has plunged in parallel with this growing understanding in Lebanon and, more broadly, across the region. Even young Shiites today refrain from openly supporting the party, believing that doing so will further damage Lebanon’s sovereignty. While Shiite and Sunni extremism are both equally dangerous, they are also quite different as the former is promoted by a state—the Islamic Republic of Iran—that seeks to spread its toxic ideology throughout the Middle East. Make no mistake: this is the only reason for Hizbullah’s existence and the Arab public is well aware of this. As Arab societies finally begin to recover from the massive political upheavals that swept through their capitals in 2011, men and women are no longer enchanted by empty promises of rogue regimes. As a result, Hizbullah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah seems like nothing more than a messianic zealot overseeing a marginal group of followers who seek to destroy Lebanon by turning it into an Iranian proxy. The Arab people have had enough of this and wish instead to build a better future for themselves. It is only a matter of time until the likes of Hizbulllah and the Islamic State lose every last drop of the credibility they once enjoyed and finally disappear from the face of the earth.   – Yehiyha al-Amer

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