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Fri. March 27, 2015 EDITOR'S PICKS :  
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The Mideast Press Club, a project of The Media Line (TML), is dedicated to breaking down barriers to understanding between Israeli and Palestinian journalists, fostering professional cooperation and collaboration, and ultimately enhancing the quality of coverage of Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the Middle East.

Since the onset of violence in September 2000, it became clear to independent observers that journalists on both sides of the conflict had stopped communicating with each other and, in effect, became either willing or de facto combatants. The American founders of TML, recognizing their unique position as honest and unbiased brokers, established the Mideast Press Club as a forum for reducing the tensions among working Israeli and Palestinian reporters and as a means to return the journalist community to its proper professional footing.

Recent events under the aegis of The Mideast Press Club included:

"Covering the Other Side of the Story" -- held at The American Colony Hotel. Principal presenters included Motti Sklar, head of Israel’s Second Authority for Television and Radio; and Radwan Abu Ayyash, Director of the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation. More than sixty journalists, representing all leading Israeli and Palestinian outlets, participated.

Special breakout session for print editors and senior writers – held at the Palestinian Legislative Council building in Ramallah. Hosted by Mahmoud Labadi, PLC Director General. More than thirty senior journalists participated in a closed-door session on “Limitations to Coverage – Improving Access Through Cooperation.”

"Two Sides, One Story: Reporting the Gaza Withdrawal" – held at The American Colony Hotel. Principal presenters included Jibril Rajoub, Palestinian National Security Adviser; and Ami Ayalon, former head of Israel’s Shin Bet intelligence agency. One hundred journalists participated in the plenary session and working luncheon devoted to coordinating cooperative efforts for enhancing coverage of the Gaza pullout.

Breakout session for female journalists: "Women’s Issues and the Palestinian Elections" -- held in the Office of the Prime Minister, Ramallah, Palestinian Authority. Twenty female journalists from Israel and the Palestinian Authority assembled to hear presentations by the P.A.’s two female ministers – Zahira Kamal, Minister for Women’s Affairs, and Hind Khoury, Minister for Jerusalem; and from Israel, parliamentarian Eti Livni, who chairs the Committee for the Advancement of Women in the Knesset. Intense discussion with presenters and among participants followed at a working luncheon.

"The [Gas] Pipeline to Regional Cooperation" -- held at The American Colony Hotel. The forum presented a look at economic considerations and the little-known, yet extensive, cooperation that exists on economic matters and energy, in particular. The principal presenters included Azzam Shawwa, Palestinian Minister of Energy; Nizar Al-Ja’abari,

The Media Line President and CEO Felice Friedson,
founder of The Mideast Press Club, extends greetings
before a plenary session of MEPC.
Israeli and Palestinian journalists at a working luncheon
following a session of The Mideast Press Club.
Palestinian Energy Minister Azzam Shawwa fields a
question from the floor at a session of The Mideast Press

Chairman of the Palestinian fuel distribution syndicate; Gideon Tadmor, President and CEO of Israel’s Delek Energy Systems Ltd.; and Shimshon Brokman, Israel Electric Corporation’s Natural Gas Project Manager. Fifty journalists specializing in energy, economics and business attended and participated in a working luncheon in which the guest presenter participated.

Participants in the events of The Mideast Press Club are working Israeli and Palestinian journalists. Individual members of the international press corps are invited to each session of The Mideast Press Club to observe and, in effect, chronicle the historic proceedings of this remarkable initiative. Foreign media that have participated include journalists representing The New York Times, Time Magazine, CNN, National Public Radio (USA), the BBC, Al-Jazeera, and Business Week magazine.

Interested journalists, for more information, Click Here

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